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Aalasyam Amrutam

Aalasyam Amrutam

Nikhil is a young man who has recently got a job in the USA. After visiting the Annaravam Temple, he's waiting for his train to reach the city, from where he can take off to the US. Here he meets Vaidehi (Madalasa Sharma) who has runaway from home, because her parents want to marry her off to someone she doesn't like. Vaidehi has a dark side, which she doesn't want anyone around her to know about. Together Ram and Vaidehi chance upon a months old baby, who has been left abandoned at the station. Ram, being a kind hearted guy, doesn't want to leave the baby. Luckily for him, his train is late. In the meantime both he and Vaidehi try to find the baby's parents.

Shot in just one location -- a railway station (barring the songs) -- within a stipulated time.

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Watch Aalasyam Amrutam Full Movie Directed by Chandra Mahesh, Starring Nikhil Siddharth, Madalsa Sharma, Which Is Released In The Year 2010, Streaming online on OTT Platform Youtube