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Jathi Ratnalu

Srikanth (Naveen Polishetty)'s father has a ladies emporium in Jogipet. He is ashamed of people calling him Ladies Emporium Srikanth. He has a dreams of getting a job in Hyderabad , and land there with his two friends Sekhar(Priyadarshi Pulikonda) and Ravi(Rahul Ramakrishna (Ravi)). They get a flat rented in a gated Community where Srikanth falls in love with their neighbor Chitti (Faria). One day they attend a party arranged by Chanakya (Murali Sharma), who is a politician, that make them end up in jail. The rest of the story is about how they prove their innocence?

Comedy Roller Coaster...

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Watch Jathi Ratnalu Full Movie Directed by Anudeep Kv, Starring Naveen Polishetty, Faria Abdullah, Which Is Released In The Year 2021, Streaming online on OTT Platform Amazon Prime