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Kala: The Unwanted

Kala: The Unwanted

Shaji(Tovino Thomas) lives with his wife Vidya (Divya Pillai), son Appoos, father Raveendran (Lal) and dog Blackie. Shaji try to do business, but ends up in failures. Ended up in debts, Shaji plans to steal some peppercorn's stored in the house by his father for covering some of his debts. But things got out of hand when someone tries to take revenge on Shaji. Who is the person and what was the grudge on Shaji? How Shaji handle him and live happy life?

When violence turns into poetry!

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Watch Kala: The Unwanted Full Movie Directed by Rohith VS, Starring Tovino Thomas, Divya Pillai, Which Is Released In The Year 2021, Streaming online on OTT Platform Aha