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Rishi(Adivi Sesh) lives in San Francisco get a call from his ex-girl friend Swetha(Adah Sharma). He start to india to attend a marriage and stay at a hotel. He meet Swetha at a restaurant and learns her five-year-old daughter Ria is missing. Rishi and Swetha love eachother in college and wanted to marry. But Swetha father dislike and arrange an alliance with an entrepreneur named Karthik(Satyadev Kancharana). Years pass but still rishi love swetha. To search her daughter Rishi and Swetha went to their home, school and everyplace but no one says Ria actually exists. Rishi also feels the same and express his feelings. Unfortunately, Shweta commits suicide that no one believing her words. Rishi was very upset and start investigation from the starting with some local friends. Meanwhile, ACP Jaya and Inspector Ravi Chowdary investigate the suicide case. The rest of the story is how rishi solves the mystery of ria....

As suspense thrillers go, Kshanam meet your Expectations..

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Watch Kshanam Full Movie Directed by Ravikanth Perepu, Starring Adivi Sesh, Adah Sharma, Which Is Released In The Year 2016, Streaming online on OTT Platform JioCinema   Sun NXT