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The hero Manu (Raja Gautam) is an artiste. He has asecret admirer Neela (Chandini Chowdhary). She send surprises and clues to find her. She never reveal her identity. She never uncovers her face to him. Neela's dad who fears of fictional characters Amar, Akbar and Anthony are after him for a jewel he has plans to leave this spot and advises his little girl to lease their home to somebody. Manu who sees a flyer for 'To-Let' goes to her home. But she is in danger before he can reach the house. The rest of the story is about what happened to her?

The relationship between a painter and his admirer leads to backdrop of murder and revenge.

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Watch Manu Full Movie Directed by Phanindra Narsetti, Starring Raja Goutham Kanneganti, Chandini Chowdary, Which Is Released In The Year 2018, Streaming online on OTT Platform Netflix