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Mathu Vadalara

Babu(Sri Simha) is a delivery boy living with his friends Yesu(Satya) and Abhi(Naresh Agastya). Yesu works in the same office with babu. Abhi is an unemployed guy who spends his day watching crime shows on the internet. Babu is struggling to make earnings and decides to quit the job. Yesu convinces him and reveals that he’s secretly stealing from the job. He also teach Babu the trick so he can finally come out of his financial struggle. The very next day, he shows up at work and selects the perfect delivery to carry out his plan. He went to Mansion Heights, an isolated gated community at outskirts. He reaches the house with a lonely old lady for delivery and tries to trick her by stealing one note from the bunch she pays him. But the old lady keeps looking at him suspiciously. So he sends her away to fetch water and meanwhile, manages to steal a ₹ 500 note . She calls his bluff and starts to hit him. In hurry, Babu pushes her away and the old lady falls to the ground and hits the back of her head. Babu imagines Yesu and Abhi advising him about the situation and decides to cover up the crime by lying her body on bed and making it look like she died in her sleep. Suddenly, Bujji, grand daughter of old lady comes out. Babu notices Bujji going towards the door and runs inside the washroom to hide. To his bad luck, a security guard comes inside the washroom to check on the shower he changes the memory card of a spy camera he himself had planted inside the shower but, the card falls into the toilet. He posts a message to Yesu and Abhi on their Whatsapp group explaining the whole situation and asking them to come to Flat 401 immediately. Bujji returns with Ravi and a packet of Marijuana. Babu goes to hide under the bed in the same room. Babu realizes that the water grandmother gave Babu was also drugged by Bujji. Babu falls asleep under the bed in Bujji’s room. When woke up, Babu finds a blood pool lying around a dead body and horrified, runs down to find Yesu. The rest of the story is how he get away from the incident. Who is the culprit.?

Mathu vadalara is a kind of whodunit thriller mixed with scattered humor and surprising twists...

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Watch Mathu Vadalara Full Movie Directed by Ritesh Rana, Starring Sri Simha, Which Is Released In The Year 2019, Streaming online on OTT Platform Amazon Prime