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Mr. Perfect

Vicky (Prabhas) gaming software expert works in Australia who never compromise for anyone in his life. His father (Nassar) always advises him to adjust his character for everyone happiness. Vicky called to india for his sister marriage and also want to fix his marriage with Priya (Kajal Aggarwal). Priya and Vicky are childhood friend but hate eachother. Priya is traditional and a doctor, ready to compromise for the happiness of others. During his sister marriage they both play practical jokes and tease one another. But they really become good friends. Priya fell in love with vicky and she compromise her interests for his happiness. By seeing all this, vicky rejects the wedding proposal and went to Australia. In australia, vicky meet Maggie (Taapsee) who exactly think same as he do. They both become friends and decide to marry. They went to her father Dubey (Prakash Raj) to agree for their marriage. Dubey, who dont want this happen, makes a condition to stay with them for four days in Maggie's sister's wedding and win hearts of at least two of his relatives. Vicky agree for his condition and went to Maggie house. In wedding house vicky shocked to see Priya happened to be groom's cousine. The rest of the story is how he managed to win their heart? Will he change his character of not compromising.? Whom he marry? Priya or Maggie.?

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Watch Mr. Perfect Full Movie Directed by K. Dasarath, Starring Prabhas, Kajal Aggarwal, Taapsee Pannu, Which Is Released In The Year 2011, Streaming online on OTT Platform JioCinema   Sun NXT